Admission and Application

Admission Criteria

All applications will be reviewed by the Initiatives Faculty Council. They will look for students who will:

  •     Demonstrate a relationship between their academic/professional interests and the science
        questions in the origins of life field (see research)
  •     Fully engage in a proposed course of individualized study that directly relates to those
        research questions
  •     Participate fully in the Consortium’s overall intellectual community: its events, lectures, poster
        sessions, etc. 
  •     Collaborate with their peers in various student led activities


Applications are accepted up to three weeks before the beginning of each academic term.

Online Application

Please complete the application below and attach your 1 page CV, a personal statement (up to 500 words) and an unofficial copy of your transcript to Kelly Colbourn, Associate Director at


fall_2018_application.pdf146 KB