Graduate Consortium

Iceland Group

The Origins of Life Initiative has launched a new program for Harvard graduate students, the Origins of Life Graduate Consortium. This is a certificate program designed to give graduate students broad, interdisciplinary exposure to this new research field.  The program explores the fundamental questions and offers students a flexible multi-year experience in the laboratory, classroom, and field tailored to their interests and to their particular graduate program.

Benefits and opportunities include:

  • Connecting and growing with a select and vibrant group of faculty and postdoctoral researchers
  • Strengthening your knowledge and achievements in your major area of concentration
  • Participating in Consortium-sponsored field expeditions and trips                                                                           
  • Building your professional skills in delivering talks, designing posters, public speaking, etc. (publications support available)
  • Engaging in research outside your major area of concentration through rotating laboratory assignments
  • Shaping a peer cohort interested in and actively pursuing origins of life science


Fall 2021 Syllabus TBD 

Astro 305 Spring 2019 Syllabus93 KB